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It’s amazing how much stuff I’m finding that we never use, have grown out of or don’t need anymore.  I haven’t even started the main floor…I’m still working on my basement and it’s boggling.  Dh just took a load to the goodwill and is getting me more boxes.  It’s kind of cleansing, getting rid of all this stuff. 

The first load….

100_0549  24 bags are in that pile!

Focus On The Pretty Shoes


I’ve never worn these shoes.  I bought them at the second hand store and loved them, but took them for granted, forgot about them. 

It’s funny how much we have and forget about, take for granted…and funny how it takes a tragedy to show us that.  Losing a lot helps you see clearly what you have.   I found those shoes today and they represented the whole thing for me.  I have many beautiful things…most importantly beautiful people, a beautiful family! 

I’m packing today, we move in two weeks.  It’s so daunting trying to figure out what to keep and what not to…we have so much stuff.   I’m going through all my clothes right now…as good a time as any to get rid of all the things we don’t use.  I already have 4 garbage bags for the second hand store and have one pickup truck load packed.  Which only shows me how little of a dent that has put in the job.  So many books and things…things no-one ‘uses’ but things I love.  I do have to reduce though so I’m going through all of it.

All my Christmas knitting plans are messed up now but I’m still going to try to finish my husbands blanket if I can.  That man deserves to be cozy after all we’ve been through.

I’m Falling Behind :)

I’ve been slacking with my blogstalking posts lately. 

I need to do ‘whats for breakfast’


I usually have oatmeal crisp or mini wheats (the brown sugar coated kind), a  yoghurt and a banana or an orange.   Our cereal cupboard is packed enough to provide breakfast for a month should cereal become hard to find, lol!  I love these bowls…we bought them for the kids a few years ago…everyone likes them :) 

Ok, now the junk drawer!   This is my junk drawer….


Lots of stuff, lol.  We have my glasses case, advil, dh’s old wallet, stamps, ball bands, needles, thread, bookmarks, a grad picture, those buttons and bits of string you get with store bought clothes, a pair of extra shoelaces that came with my shoes, nail hardener, nail files, reciepts, a watch….I’m tired…can we stop now? 

Now for what I am thankful for….

What am I thankful for?  Everything!  I’m thankful that I have been blessed with a husband and children that are healthy and strong.  I’m thankful that I live in a country as wonderful as Canada is.  I’m thankful that I have a good head on my shoulders and I’m thankful I’ve had opportunities to develop my skills.  I’m thankful that I am blessed to stay at home, to make that choice to be wife and mother — I’m thankful to live somewhere where the choice is mine.  I’m thankful for my beautiful home.  I’m thankful my husband and kids support me in that and that I am able to support them.  I’m thankful I can pursue my interests and create to my hearts content.  I’m very thankful to still have my mom, though she has been through many health challenges.  I’m ever so thankful that my children have her too!  I’m thankful for the love my family gives me…the understanding…how they are always always there for me and for each other :) 

The Christmas rush of making things like mad has kept me on my couch knitting in all my spare time lately.  At the moment, I have a pair of socks – for my middle daughter (the sweetheart lace) which are half way done… a ‘crazy cabin’ scrap blanket for my husband (6/20 blocks done), a few half baked plans to start yet more projects for gifts…. I found a pattern I had laying around for dog beds and coats.  We have three dogs who would love beds and coats!  Who knows if I will have time.  The dh made a boo-boo yesterday and actually suggested I should finish some stuff I have started before I start anything new.  Screwing with my creativity!  LOL.  He’s probably got a point…he’s seen the mad rush of finishing things up on Christmas Eve before…it’s not a pretty sight :)

Have an excellent day! :)


Working on the Cable and Lace socks and then the new pattern for my daughter has worn me out for sock knitting…for now :)

The first sock is almost done…the pattern worked out beautifully.  I just cannot bring myself to knit the rest right now.  My hands need a break. 

I’m debating on a name for the new pattern (I improvised this – including the lace)…I started out with the idea of ‘I Love You Baby’ socks but now the name ‘Sweetheart Lace’ is winning in my head.  What do you think?  Comment and let me know!  Here is a picture of the lace….


Wouldn’t they be awesome in a solid or almost solid yarn? 

I’m so pleased with how well the hearts stand out.  It is a knitted lace pattern with yarn overs and increases/decrease on every row.  Some of the rows are a little tight and take some patience (to avoid dropping sts) but I think the results are worth it.  I will finish these before Christmas!  I have to, they are for my daughter :)

I was looking at the buckets of yarn around here, lol, and decided to make my husband a blanket for Christmas.  I want this to be a REAL surprise so I’m only working on it when he isn’t home.  Lucky for the blanket he works a lot…he drives many hours back and forth a day on top of a long physical workday.  The man is always cold and enjoys laying on the couch and relaxing at the end of the day.  He doesn’t wear knitted anything either!  So the blanket is born….

I’m using odds and ends in chunky – ish (it’s a blanket, lol).  If I have a colour, it’s probably going in there. 


I have quite a bit of the green (shetland chunky) and the gold fleck (moda dea cache) and the red (berella astrakhan – superwash wool) and odds and ends of everything else.  It’s fun to make.  No counting, no measuring, no nothing, just sense and zen knitting.   Freeform.  It is not perfectly even, or perfect in any way!  It will be perfectly imperfect, lol.  I’m just going to match the sizes of finished squares.  It’s relaxing for me.  I’m probably crazy. 

The last thing I need is another ‘on the go’ project but I’ve started an embroidered table runner as well.  My mom gave me the kit yesterday and I needed something to do when my husband is home…!  So of course I had to start it. 

I’m off to work on that blanket! 

Make Like An Elf…

So, back to Christmas….

I’ve started a pair of socks for my middle daughter, in the knitpicks felici that was included in my warm sock sampler.  The colour is ‘clay’ and it’s really nice.  My daughter chose it as her favorite :)  She likes cables more than lace so I’m trying an idea I had…will let you know how it goes!  I’ve charted it – now to knit it up a bit and see how it looks ‘for real’.


This Gauge Thing…

I rarely worry about gauge unless I’m trying to share a pattern.  I think my estimated gauge for the Cable and Lace Socks was off a little…it’s closer to 9/10 sts per inch.  I want to offer the most accurate information….

This picture should help!  (I hope anyways!)



done the first Cable and Lace Sock!  I would definitely like them better as knee socks but that is an adventure for another time with a bigger pile of yarn :)  If only I had another skein, I would have made them knee socks…

My knitpicks order came yesterday.  I ordered some of the new sock wools (the warm tone sock sampler).   I’m doing my best to stay AWAY from the malabrigo.  It’s beautiful enough to make me forget about Christmas knitting altogether.  My daughters have chosen their favorites from the sock yarns…I’d really like to get some socks made for each of them for their stockings.

Enjoy your day!

Yay! My Wool Arrived :)

The Malabrigo…isn’t it pretty?!!


The colour is ‘Amoroso’ (purchased at an excellent price from – I paid less than $100 for 10 skeins – AND that included shipping to Canada!) and I am planning to make the Hedgerow Coat from the Interweave Knits Fall 2007 issue. 

I’m reading a lot about malabrigo, everywhere I can find information.  It’s such a beautiful wool, I can see what people have said about the pilling…I can deal with that.  I’ve also read something, somewhere, about it producing a fabric which doesn’t hold it’s shape properly…stretches out?  I’m wondering if I should use a slightly smaller needle to prevent this?  The coat (in size small) is a little big for me, so I could do it without causing too much trouble, as long as I watch the length.

I woke up so sick this morning…pounding headache, couldn’t hold anything down…nasty!  I’m ok now as I managed to finally hold down an advil and rest for an hour.  The headache is gone, thank goodness!  Felt like a hangover but I don’t do that stuff!  Talked to my mom, she asked me where in my cycle I am (I’m in the middle) and told me how she would have this once a month, every month, at ovulation.  Great.  So it’s likely hormonal and one of those lovely like mother like daughter things.

The Cable and Lace Socks are coming out so beautifully.  I’m pleased as can be with them.  I wish, though, that I had another skein of the serengeti….they would be ideal as knee socks…

Here is a peek of how they look so far….

100_0408  100_0422

Finished Christmas Gift :)

I have a little nephew, Matty , who loves anything I knit for him.  I gave him the knitted gansey sweater I made a while back.  I’ve made him a scarf and hat (for Christmas) out of the leftovers from that project…


The yarn is James C. Brett Marble (dk weight).  I used the ‘my so called scarf’ pattern for the scarf and an improvised 2×2 rib hat (cast on 100 sts, size 6 mm circular needle/dpns).  I think he will love them…

Starting Some Socks…


I’ve decided to make some lacy socks this time and try the entrelac another time :)  I improvised a lace panel pattern including cables and have started these toe up on size 2mm needles using Knitpicks gloss in serengeti.  My guage is coming out at about 10 sts per inch.

I’m pleased with the texture and openness of this lace!  Not sure if these will be for me or for one of the girls this Christmas.  We all have basically the same size feet, so I can decide later!

Winding Wool


Last night I wound my knitpicks gloss (by hand)…three skeins of it…one in each serengeti, cocoa and pumpkin.  I had a bright idea about entrelac socks.  Now I know why I’ve never seen a pair with entrelac on top of the foot!  I couldn’t visualize it at all, until I tried it.  Then I realized I would have to work the foot back and forth, combining with sts at the sides in order to create the sole of the sock. 

I think I may make lace socks instead, this time.

The gloss is beautiful!!  Soft and sturdy with a nice twist.  Beautiful shine from the silk, I presume.  I’m very glad I ordered it. 

Finished the Alpaca Gloves!

My mission this weekend was to work on something which needed finishing…and I’ve finished my Fitted Alpaca Gloves :)

 Very very pleased with these..they are my own design and a perfect fit.  The yarn is so nice and soft – I used Ultra Alpaca for these that I had left over from the cable yoke sweater I made a little while ago.

 The cable pattern is a sort of travelling vine with berries and leaves…I kept on with the reverse stockinette for the entire top of the gloves.

fitted alpaca gloves

A better picture of the cable detail…

Fitted Gloves again

I carried the cable ribbing up the underside of the gloves, just past where the thumb gusset begins and did the palm in stockinette.

alpaca gloves

Very glad to be done and can’t wait to wear them! :)

Oh Happy Day!

Yay, my tree skirt is finished!


I’m pretty happy with it…and happy to be finished it!  LOL, large projects always feel like they are taking forever, no matter whether they really are or not.  Those last few rows felt like a marathon!

You can’t quite see some of the tone on tone colourwork I did to prevent having to use plain blocks of colour.  I thought it makes it more interesting looking.

Basically I cast on 144 sts (12 panels of 12 sts) and increased (12 sts – one in each section) twice over six rows until I was to 118 rows.  You could continue it as far as you liked though.  For the colour pattern, I use graph paper and graph out one section only, as I go…more than once I had to add in more paper because I changed my mind, lol.


Hello Winter!


We woke up to gifts from mother nature this morning…WINTER is here!  The kids are excited…they had their boots out and tried on before I even got out of bed at 7:00 this morning.  LOL

 I just had to give my daughters their Christmas mittens, LOL….my youngest knew they were for her and came down asking about them…so I caved and they got their mittens early :)  Told her I better see her wearing those all day on Christmas!  It’s not like they didn’t have other pairs but they are excited about the new ones.  I don’t do ‘surprises’ with the number of children in this house…at least not when it comes to the things I make.  It would be impossible to get anything done!

My husband went ahead and checked the mail yesterday, no wool yet.  It’s for the best…I need to finish this skirt first!

I just lost another pair of mitts/gloves…my oldest daughter wants to know why she doesn’t have some…so my youngest is letting her choose between the two selbuvotter items I made and the composed mitts.  She chose the selbuvotter gloves in the browns and off white…good choice :)

Those last 30 rows…

I’m plugging away at the Christmas tree skirt.  Almost there, but the rows are getting SO LONG.  I’m on row 86, the pattern I was originally looking at (and took the basics from) had 118 rows.  We’ll see how big it looks as it goes but I think I’ll stop at about the same point. 

I didn’t even let myself go to the mail today, LOL, because I’m expecting that wool and getting new wool is NOT conducive to finishing this project!

Right now I’ve got about a million (ok, really it’s 50) strands of yarn going at once.  I better get back to it!


Good Morning :)


My tree skirt is coming along pretty well!  I’m about half way, row-wise…which of course means I’m no where near half way knitting when you take into account the ever increasing row length, LOL, but it’s getting there :)  I’m pleased to be able to use my scraps for something we will really enjoy.

My mom is awesome :)  She found me this neato thing at a second hand store.  It is an older drop spindle set but hasn’t (from the looks of it) been used.  It is a beginner set (excellent, I am a beginner) with a spindle and an instruction book.  Who knows when I’ll get around to trying it but I have no doubt that someday I will :)


This week I shall be awaiting my wool (the malabrigo I ordered from ) and finishing this skirt. 

Enjoy your day! :)

This May Be a Record!

Well, this may be my fastest frog ever!  I got almost halfway done the first quarter panel of the tree skirt and realized I don’t really like it very much. 


I’ve frogged it and cast back on for an improvised skirt.  I’m using the basics (the cast on number of sts and the increases) from the pattern and I’m going to design my own ‘insides’.  I like the holly leaves/berry so I’ll include those.  I’m going to do the entire skirt at once rather than make it in quarters.  I realize this means my needles will be very full by the end, lol, but hopefully it works out ok!  



So, Now Halloween is over and it’s time to focus on CHRISTMAS!!

I’ve finished a scarf for my nephew, tried to finish a matching hat…lol…didn’t swatch and designed it myself so it turned out baby sized and will be going to Christmas Cheer.   I’m sticking to the same idea and adding 20 sts to the next one.  They are hats using the ‘my so called scarf’ stitch, modified to work in the round.  

Because I’m frustrated by the non-fitting hat, I’ve put that aside for now and have cast on the ‘floral tree skirt’ from Handknit Holidays.  The pattern is by Michelle Rose Orne (which I just noticed) and she is the same designer that designed the composed mitts as it turns out!  I’m using stash yarn, mostly red heart….LOL, I added my stash to ravelry and I now feel obligated to find stash busting projects.  It seems I have a little wool problem!

Must go knit and de-Halloween this house, lol (the kids have decorated everything in sight).  Have a great day!